Red-Shanked Douc

Doucs.org is a website by GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Center, an award winning Vietnamese NGO well-known for red-shanked douc conservation work in Son Tra Nature Reserve. This website aims to introduce local and international community to the red-shanked douc langur, a critically endangered species dubbed "the queen of primates", their plight and ways that you can help them.

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Lack of local awareness

Problem: Lack of awareness leads to ignorance in the local community about environmental protection and biodiversity conservation, particularly the conservation of red-shanked douc. GreenViet’s survey in 2013 revealed only a small margin of Danang’s community recognized biodiversity values of Son Tra and how they contribute directly to human’s life.

Solution: Education

To improve this, GreenViet will carry out two education programs namely Experiential Education and I Love Son Tra Journey for the local community and school students. From the success of last year’s class-based education experience, in addition to our effective on-going I Love Son Tra journey, this year and the following year, GreenViet will expand our educational outreach activities and provide more learning opportunities for the community.

Insufficient research information of the doucs

Problem: Scientific information about red-shanked douc is vital to any effective conservation strategies for this species. Meanwhile, their behavior is not fully understood.


Combined with existing understanding about red-shanked douc thanks to past research studies, GreenViet is carrying out annual research on the population trend of red-shanked douc in Son Tra. In the light of this knowledge, we can keep track of the changes in population, distribution of red-shanked douc. From then, we can initiate appropriate conservation strategy to conserve red-shanked douc in Son Tra.

Unregulated mass tourism, poaching


  • Unregulated mass tourism results in many violations to the Nature Reserve such as littering, exploiting of non-timber products, cutting down trees and trespassing into restricted areas. This poses an indirect negative impact to the habitat and safety of red-shanked douc.
  • Primate poaching is a serious and rampant wildlife crime in Vietnam for the use of traditional medicine and food

Solution: Monitoring

  • Work alongside rangers to carry out day and night patrol and monitoring work of vulnerable families to minimize negative impacts to red-shanked douc.
  • Mobilize the community to take part in routine monitoring, after having been given training by GreenViet, to check on vulnerable families at the perimeter of the reserve.
Habitat loss and fragmentation

Problem: Habitat loss & fragmentation

Tourism development in Son Tra including the building of hotels, resorts, roads and other infrastructure will lead to habitat loss and fragmentation for the doucs. The consequences of this are:

  • Red-shanked douc faces a constant risk of getting into accident with vehicles while crossing the road.
  • Deforestation meaning doucs will lose food and shelter
  • In the long term, the inability to group between separated douc families due to  will cause inbreeding, and eventually genetic deterioration.

Solution: Bridging habitat

Planting trees to create forest canopies and green corridors not only will allow doucs to travel accident-free and expand their home range, but also give isolated families a chance to meet other families and reproduce. Basically give them love.