Red-Shanked Douc

Doucs.org is a website by GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Center, an award winning Vietnamese NGO well-known for red-shanked douc conservation work in Son Tra Nature Reserve. This website aims to introduce local and international community to the red-shanked douc langur, a critically endangered species dubbed "the queen of primates", their plight and ways that you can help them.

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Adopt a Douc > Adopt a Douc
“Adopt a Douc” is something that you can do to help GreenViet raise the funds necessary to conserve this critically endangered primate and its habitat. The “Adopt-a-Douc” program will fund further research, additional monitoring, community education and necessary protection of the Red Shanked Doucs on Son Tra nature reserve. The adoption options below show precisely how your donation will make visible impacts for the red-shanked douc, as well as the perks that go with them. Check them out!
  • $15
  • Adopt a baby douc for 01 week

    • You give one student a full experiential education day in Son Tra
    • You will receive an e-sponsorship card that gives you access to regular news and updates about the Douc families for one year.
  • $30
  • Adopt a mother for 01 month

    • You give three locals a full conservation tour in Son Tra
    • Same as $15 donation plus a lovely Douc tote bag
  • $50
  • Adopt a family for 01 month

    • You enable GreenViet to carry out red-shanked douc monitoring and research work for one month
    • Same as $30 donation, plus an awesome douc T-shirt
  • $500
  • Adopt a family for 01 year

    • You help GreenViet purchase a camera for research and monitoring work
    • Same as $50 donation plus an adorable stuffed douc, and a private tour to see the doucs and Son Tra
  • $1000
  • Sponsor and name a family for 01 year

    • You provide enough money to enable GreenViet to research and monitor a family for a year, purchase a binocular, plant 5 trees and provide 10 students a learning opportunity in Son Tra
    • Same as $528 donation plus an invitation to GreenViet’s gala. Oh wait! YOU GET TO NAME A DOUC FAMILY
  • $Any amount

How we use your donation


Bridging habitat

Research & monitor


Experiential education program (new) takes primary school students on a study tour in Son Tra

Student: 200 Cost per student: $13.21

Total cost: $2642

I Love Son Tra journey takes citizens on a conservation tour to Son Tra to give them a better understanding of the ecosystem here.

Citizen: 100 Cost per person: $11

Total cost: $1100

Plant trees to bridge fragmented red-shanked douc's habitats and create a safe green passage for them to cross the road.

Number: 200 Cost per tree: $22

Total cost: $4400

Research & monitor vulnerable families to ensure their safety and for long-term conservation.

Family: 10 Cost per year: $528.36

Total cost: $5283.60

Equipments are essential for research and monitoring work.

01 camera, 10 binoculars, 01 GPS

Total cost: $4226.88

Total funding needed: $17,652