Red-Shanked Douc

Doucs.org is a website by GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Center, an award winning Vietnamese NGO well-known for red-shanked douc conservation work in Son Tra Nature Reserve. This website aims to introduce local and international community to the red-shanked douc langur, a critically endangered species dubbed "the queen of primates", their plight and ways that you can help them.

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About Us

Who We Are

the first biodiversity conservation organization in Danang

Founded in 2012 in Danang, GreenViet is a non-government organization working on biodiversity conservation who combines research and education to help communities understand, appreciate, respect nature and improve livelihoods through sustainable development. Staffed by twelve passionate people, GreenViet is a small, but effective organization which coordinates both Vietnamese and international efforts to conserve biodiversity within the Son Tra Nature Reserve and throughout Central Vietnam.

Some of our sponsors and partners are IUCN, WWF, San Diego Zoo International, Disney Conservation Fund, Frankfurt Zoological Society just to name a few.

GreenViet was the only NGO in 2017 to receive Vietnam’s Environmental Excellence Award. Find out more at en.greenviet.org

doucs.org is the ice-breaker between you and the doucs

First meet can be very awkward. They are naturally shy and you don't speak their language. So how to get to know each other? Doucs.org is the first website dedicated wholly to the spreading of information about the red-shanked douc. Come say hi!

doucs.org makes it easy for you to donate for their cause

Given the alarming threats that face the doucs, coupled with a growing global attention and concern for this national treasure, doucs.org the makes it easy for people like you to help fund GreenViet's conservation work to conserve red-shanked doucs.

Our Work

research and education are our two cornerstones for change

GreenViet carries out research on biodiversity and endangered species to establish a reliable database for conservation actions in Vietnam’s Central-Central Highland. In the light of this knowledge, we raise awareness of the community, the press and the government sector through effective education programs and take actions to encourage their involvement in conservation.

Our Impact

Red-shanked douc is the symbol of Danang on the occasion of APEC 2017.

3,000 students and Danang’s local have joined GreenViet’s education tour in Son Tra. 15,000 students have been taught about environmental topics by GreenViet. Not to mention countless local authorities and government officials have been brought to Son Tra to see red-shanked douc in the flesh and learn about their plight. Since 2013, GreenViet’s consistent conservation efforts both on and offline have borne fruits for the red-shanked doucs and Son Tra Nature Reserve when the community, the press and partially the government has joined together to protect one of the last biodiversity jewels of Vietnam.

  1. The beginning

    The first time the idea of setting up a Vietnamese-run biodiversity conservation organization came to GreenViet’s founders who, at the time, were working together in Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Gia Lai Province.

  2. Years of planning turns into reality

    Officially established after 6 years of planning, GreenViet became the first organization in Danang to work in biodiversity conservation. The challenge was huge but so were the founding members’ effort to grow the organization.

  3. ABCD methodology

    Adopted Asset-based Community Development methodology for the sustainable development of communities based on their strengths and potentials. ABCD methodology has since become GreenViet’s guiding compass for our organizational culture and acted as our fundamental approach to empower the community, partners and our volunteers.

  4. International network expansion

    Succeeded in expanding our network to global scale when GreenViet received grants from a number of high-profile organizations such as San Diego Zoo Global, CEPF/IUCN and U.S Consulate in Vietnam. At this point, GreenViet started to initiate awareness-raising work about the red-shanked douc through communication materials.

  5. Red-shanked douc becomes a thing

    Not only local community, but the authorities, entrepreneurs and foreigners became more and more interested in the red-shanked doucs. Their photos and stories began to circulate on social media and national news. During Lunar New Year, 55 thousand envelops made by GreenViet were used by Danang’s people.

  6. Hectic year of research activities

    The year 2016 meant an important recognition for red-shanked douc when it was chosen as the symbol of Danang at APEC 2017. This year also saw GreenViet put more emphasis on our research activities with 9 programs implemented, of which the Douc langur conservation project was the highlight of the year.

  7. Controversy in Son Tra

    Earlier this year, GreenViet announced our latest finding of the population of red-shanked douc in Son Tra. Our success in receiving sponsorship from enterprises is a solid evidence that the private sector is paying more attention to biodiversity conservation. This year also witnessed the biggest controversy yet happen to Son Tra when a massive plan involving the construction of thousands of hotel rooms was proposed. GreenViet helped to organize two scientific conferences during this time to provide the community, the press and government with sound scientific solutions.